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Topic:   How to send File instead of file contents

By: AshleyPosted on: Feb 14 2018 at 01:31:01 PM
Hi there
I'm trying to find replacement for other very old software.
It looks like EasyDNC feeds the contents of the file to the machine?
I need to send and store the actual file.
Can EasyDNC do this? ...if not, could you make it do it?
I think will be easier than what it does now?
If you need make changes, maybe I can test?
Thank you in advance!

By: GuestPosted on: Feb 15 2018 at 04:59:23 AM
sending the file - sending the file contents? Sorry. That's exactly the same thing.

What the machine does with the file when it's received is usually an option/funtion of the machine. Not of the DNC computer.

For example a Fanuc has two main modes of operation. "Tape" or "Memory". They may be named differently on some models but, basically

if the fanuc is in Tape mode it will try to run the program from the computer and not store the program in memory. (Drip Feeding).
But if the Fanuc is in "MEM" mode it will save the received file to memory where you can run it later.

Other CNC machines are similar. But some machines might have a command that is inserted at the start of the file that tells the CNC what to do with the file.

You didn't way what kind of CNC you have. Maybe also name the 'old' software that you're trying to replace.

By: AshleyPosted on: Feb 15 2018 at 07:06:34 AM
Hi there
Thank you for reply.
It is a Plasma cutting machine our client has. I'll try find out the make.
The existing software is "VISual DNC-Net NBS-400/300 Vers 4.55" from Datentechnik GmbH.
It was running on XP.
It sends the files to the machine and then on the machine you have list of files and you select one to load.

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Topic:- How to send File instead of file contents

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