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Topic:   Omitting or changing characters

By: JayPosted on: Mar 21 2018 at 06:41:53 AM
We started having issues when downloading files to a Fanuc 21iT control. At first we got a "Buffer Overflow" error. I increased the Block Delay and corrected that problem, then it started omitting or changing characters when downloading large files. Now it happens no matter the files size. We are using a USB to RS232 Serial Port adaptor and changed that but still have issues. We have not tried a new cable because it is connected inside the control cabinet and conduit back to the pc. I read about "cable interference" in several posts, do you think this is the next thing to try?
Thank you,

By: SupportPosted on: Mar 22 2018 at 09:33:06 AM
You sent the same question to us by email.

In your email you mentioned that you'd been using the same setup, same cable routing etc for a few years.

Interference isn't usually a problem inside a Fanuc cabinet. Whenever we have that kind of problem it's usually damaged cables, loose connectors, bad solder joints etc.

Some fanucs allow you to adjust the height of the console. If you've connected to the RS232 port on the inside of such a sliding console then the cable might have been damaged or worked loose. Check that first.

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Topic:- Omitting or changing characters

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